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About Momentum Motors

At Momentum Motors we know you work hard for your money, and we are here to help you save it. 

Our team specializes in branded title vehicles which allows our customers to save thousands of dollars off retail book value. We warranty everything we sell and promise 100% transparency. Simply put, money talks. 

What is a branded title?

Insurance companies are working towards maximizing their profits. In order to do that they have to either send the vehicle to the insurance auction or pay for repairs. More often than not it is more profitable to send it to the insurance auction where a dealer like us will purchase it. A “salvage title” means that the vehicle could have been repaired by the insurance company, but for the insurance company’s benefit they chose to write off their losses by sending the vehicle to an insurance auction to be sold. A title can be branded for reasons including theft recovery, collision, repossession, rejected repair, interior or exterior burn, hail/storm damage, water recovery, and/or manufacturer buyback. Once the vehicle has been repaired properly and inspected by a Utah State Inspector, the title will read "rebuilt/restored". 

Can I finance a branded title?

Yes branded titles can be financed! At Momentum Motors we have built a great relationship with some of the top lenders in Utah.  The title status does not change the rate or ability to be approved. Interest rates are still just as competitive as clean title vehicles. 

Can I get an extended warranty on my branded title vehicle?

Yes! We have teamed up with Gold Standard for all our extended service warranties. 

Can I get insurance on my branded title vehicle?

Absolutely you can insure a branded title vehicle! Through many years of selling branded title vehicles we have found that almost all insurance companies will offer full coverage insurance on branded title vehicles. Once the vehicle has gone through the required state inspection process, the title status is changed to "rebuilt/restored" which means the vehicle is road worthy and approved for registration and insurance. 

Why should I buy a branded title vehicle? 

We can all agree that vehicles are a horrible investment. Everyday you own it and every mile it accrues diminishes the vehicles value. By purchasing a vehicle from Momentum Motors priced thousands of dollars less than others you are minimizing your total loss over time by paying less upfront. Our goal is provide a platform for everyone to be able to save thousands of dollars while enjoying a vehicle that fulfills your needs and wants.

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